1. What is the main purpose of a Credit Management and Information System Agency?

A credit reporting and management system agency works for lending institutions to help them make lending decisions in individual cases. The primary purpose of these institutions is to ensure that creditors have the information they need to make decisions.


2. What is a credit report?

The credit report is set up by a credit management and information system agency and contains the credit history of individuals and companies including:

  • previous credit applications
  • accounts currently held by you
  • accounts held by you in the past
  • your monthly repayment or non-repayment pattern in the past and current accounts
  • details of debt restructurings
  • details of legal actions instituted against you, such as judgments, administrative orders and sequestration orders
  • identification information: including full names, date of birth, identity number, past and current addresses, employment details and contact numbers
  • details of previous inquiries made by creditors in your credit history
  • your credit score.


3. How to keep a good credit report?

  • Everyone who has already lent money has a credit profile with a credit institution. It is important to ensure that your credit profile reflects only positive information. Strive to improve your credit report by ensuring that you pay your bills on time.


4. Why is your credit report important?

  • Lenders evaluate your credit report when making a decision to lend you money.


5. Right to access your credit report

  • According to Regulation nr. 6/2015, of 6 of October, you have the right to receive a copy of your credit report for free, when you have obtained a reservation notification or have requested the correction of incorrect or inaccurate information, within a period of 30 days from the date of notification or request for correction.
  • You have the right to get more reports within a 12-month period by paying the agency fee for management information and credit information.


6. Right to reset information on your credit report

  • You have the right to contact the credit information and management system agency for assistance with your credit report.
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